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App-controlled wood pellet heater – Manual

Connect the heater to WIFI

Please follow this video and connect the heater to WIFI and download “Naturela smart home” app.

pellet hot tub heater

Please follow this guide for a pellet heater to work properly

1 step. Please always ensure that the bunker and the spirals are full of pellets before starting the heating process. 6 mm A1+ pellets. Also, please always check if the ignition element (candle) is not blocked by ashes (picture on the right side).

2 step. USERS OF EXTERNAL PELLET – HEATER. Please note this information.

As it is unknown where the hot tub will be placed, please read the following information carefully. This is the most important condition for the heater to work properly.

IMPORTANT! The top hose of the heater should run from the heater to the hot tub in an ascending way.

To achieve this one can either cut off pallet base legs or slightly raise the tub. Or do both if necessary. The external smart heater should strictly be left standing on the pallet.

3 step. On the app, click User Settings (second from the top menu), and check Pump Settings (last section). These 4 fields are the most important to set correctly. Below is the explanation of what those fields are:

External pellet stove

1 – Summer model, this should always be “summer mode”, do not change anything.

2- Set temperature. This is the field where you enter the temperature of water`s top layer. In this example, it is 46 degrees. If the water reaches 41 degrees, the heater will lower its power gradually.

3 – Temp DHW – This is the field where you enter the temperature of water`s bottom layer. In this case, the heater will turn off, once the temperature of the bottom layer is at 36 degrees.

4 – Hysteresis – is the field where you enter the dropping temperature. In this case, the heater will turn on again itself when the temperature of the bottom layer will drop to 34 degrees.

Please mix the water while heating. This is necessary for water to warm up evenly. If water is not mixed, the top layer would heat much more rapidly and the heater will stand by. The bottom layer would still be cold.

Take 7 minutes to watch basic information on how to use a pellet heater without an internet connection



The bunker got empty, what to do?

If the bunker gets empty, one must follow this video exactly and only afterward to start the heating process. If this is not followed, the burning candle will malfunction and it will need to be changed (outside of warranty).

In case the ignition candle must be replaced, one should follow this video

If the monitor on the hot tub suddenly went black and switching on the circuit breaker does not help, chances are that the ignition element (candle) malfunctioned and needs to be changes. The ignition element is not covered by warranty, but we would be happy to send it free of charge during the first 3 months of use if it malfunctions.

In order to change the ignition element one should follow these steps:

1. Taking out the pellet feed pipe. One needs just to unplug two electric connections (5) and remove the pipe. Remove the excessive amount or leftovers of pellets.

2. The ignition candle is inside the pellet feed element, please remove it by unscrewing 3 bolts behind it (6). Also the temperature indicators should be removed from the insulation layer. These are at the bottom of the pellet feed element (see 2 wires in this video 25 seconds). Just look at the bottom of it and you will find 2 wires leading to temperature indicators. Please remember the exact places of these wires since one indicator is used to measure the temperature of upper water layers and the second one is used to measure the temperature of water bottom layers. After a successful change of the ignition element, please put the temperature indicators back in their places.

3. Unscrew the bolts from the pellet feed element and remove its front cover. You will see the ignition element stately mounted to the feed pipe. Important! Please remember that the horizontal level of the ignition candle should be identical to the level of the feed pipe.

4. Unscrew the bolt of the ignition candle, detach the wires and replace the element with the new one. Please wire the new ignition element the same way as the old one was wired.

5. Put the front metal back on and screw the bolts back again. Place the pellet feed element back to the tub and connect the temperature wires (bottom of the pellet feed) to their original positions. Screw the bolts at the back of the element. Seen at 03:58, the near wire measures the top layers and the further wire measures the lower layers of water tempratures.

6. 03:50 shows how the ignition element and the feed pipe will look like from the inside of the hatch.

7. Put back the pellet feed pipe to its position, connect 2 control connections and you are finished.

8. Please remember to load the system with the pellets first before starting the heater. Failing to do so might again cause damage to the ignition element (candle). Please refer to the below video again.

For more detailed information, please seek the complete user manual below


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